Beginners Level I: The Wanderer

A1 – Regular Spanish Course

In this course you’ll use our original materials to learn grammar, vocabulary and new communicative skills in real life situations. All our teachers are native speakers that will go along with you on your learning journey. Are you ready to take your first steps in the language?

In-person Beginners Group and private lessons

35 lessons at your own pace

Choose your date and time

Classes downtown & in Belgrano


E-learning platform


After this course you will be able to…

  • Ask for & give information to get to a place/address.
  • Buy clothes at a local store.
  • Order in a restaurant.
  • Request information about accommodation, tickets & excursions.
  • Talk about yours and other’s personal routine.

Speed options

You can choose between:

  • Intensive: 4 weeks – 20 h per week.
  • Semi-intensive: 18 weeks – 4 h per week.
  • Regular: 37 weeks – 2 h per week.

The co-working space

Our classes take place on two co-working spaces: one located in the Belgrano neighbourhood & other in Buenos Aires’s downtown. You can get there quickly by subway, bus or bicycle. We will be waiting for you in a meeting room with coffee, water or tea and something delicious to eat during the class.

Our e-learning platform

All the learning materials that we use are original. They were specially designed by our team for you to have the best experience. During our classes you are going to find them on our e-learning platform. There you can also track your progress and create your “Mochila de frases”. That is, a glossary of all the words and phrases that you have learnt and that you are going to use again soon for sure. In our co-working space you’ll have free wifi access and you need to bring a computer to work in class.

Native teachers

All our teachers are native Spanish speakers with degrees in Language and Literature and a lot of experience. They will give you constant feedback and every three units you’ll do a recap of all you’ve learnt. They will be there for clearing up any doubts and to help you improve your Spanish.

After-class materials

We want Spanish to be part of your everyday life. At the end of each unit we will send you a Spotify playlist with songs related to the topics learned, so you can keep practicing while having fun!


After taking the final exam, you will receive a certificate stating that you have passed level A1. We have designed our own test following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).


Private Spanish lesson
1 hour = US$ 18
Pack 10 hours = US$ 171
Pack 20 hours = US$ 324

Group Spanish lesson
1 hour = US$ 9
Pack 10 hours = US$ 85
Pack 20 hours = US$ 162

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