Beginners Level II: The Stroller

A2 – Sociocultural Expansion

This workshop goes deeper into topics related to Argentinian society, customs & current affairs. Thanks to the combination of sociocultural materials and the Flaneur method, you will be fully immersed in the language. You will feel (and start to sound) like a local. Get ready to have fun!

In-person Beginners Group and private lessons

11 lessons at your own pace

Choose your date and time

Classes downtown & in Belgrano


E-learning platform

Native teachers

After this course you will…

  • Understand Argentina’s identity and, specially, its unique and complex reality.
  • Get familiar with customs & traditions like empanadas, nights in BA and the Gauchito Gil.
  • Keep practicing your Spanish through music, literature, cinema, gastronomy, tourism, leisure activities & the local show business.

What does “sociocultural expansion” mean?

The purpose of this course is to apply the knowledge you’ve already gotten on the A2 – Regular Course to debate, learn and embrace Argentinian customs & traditions in a new way. Our activities are designed for experiencing culture and society through all your senses. Get ready to make the most out of your experience in

When to do this expansion?

You can choose between three options:

  • During the A2 – Regular Course: as you walk through the path ofthe A2 course, you will unfold lessons from this expansion. You can arrange your schedule with your teacher in advance.
  • After finishing the A2 – Regular Course: use this expansion for putting into practice all your new skills on the language.
  • Whenever you want: as long as you already have A2 level of
    Spanish language.

The coworking space

Our classes take place on two co-working spaces: one located in the Belgrano neighbourhood & other in Buenos Aires’s downtown. You can get there quickly by subway, bus or bicycle. We will be waiting for you in a meeting room with coffee, water or tea and something delicious to eat during the class.

Which are the requirements?

A2 level of Spanish language is necessary to get the most out of this experience.

A computer to access our e-learning platform. Don’t worry about wifi, Flaneur provides it unlimited for free.

Another device (like a tablet or a cellphone) for participating in our trivials at the end of each class!

Desire to have a good time learning about another culture!


Private Spanish lesson
1 hour = US$ 18
Pack 6 hours = US$ 103
Complete course = US$ 178

Group Spanish lesson
1 hour = US$ 9
Pack 6 hours = US$ 51
Complete course = US$ 89

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