About us

A Spanish academy to immerse yourself in the language, no matter where you are!

The meaning of Flaneur

  • “Flaneur” is a French word that could be translated as “walker” or “stroller”, but it doesn’t have an exact translation in English or Spanish.
  • The flaneur is a character who loves to feel lost in the city, who seeks to visit every corner and to feel the life of the streets.
  • We chose this name because it reflects the way we want our students to embrace Spanish: enjoying the here and now, getting carried away by cultural expressions, becoming part of a new experience and adopting new perspectives to understand the world.

Our teaching method

Our educational proposal is based on the communicative method.

  • You will start mastering Spanish from day one through everyday real life situations such as writing a social medial post, listening to a podcast in Spanish or sending an audio to a friend.
  • The debates and conversations in class will be focused on current topics, customs and traditions from Argentina.
  • All our activities are original, exclusively created by our team for our students.

Meet our team

Our team is formed by highly professional Spanish teachers qualified in the fields of Literature, Linguistics and Spanish Grammar and specialized in teaching Spanish for foreigners.

  • Our work is guided by the pillars that sostain the Flaneur spirit: creativity, organization and empathy.
  • Our teachers are trained in the use of digital tools for education. We want to provide students with an outstanding experience, understanding that learning must be up to date with today’s reality.

Alliances that trust our learning experiences